On Monday we started sharing our #WarcFavourites2014.

All the pieces have been selected by people who work at Warc because they stood out in some way – an interesting idea, eye-catching campaign or something we noticed clients really loved.

We will be sharing a Warc favourite every weekday in December, and we want to hear from you too! We'd for you to share your favourites on Twitter including the hashtag #WarcFavourites2014 and tweeting @WarcEditors.

Here's another look at this week's:

1. Sharing and owning: The rise of the hybrid consumer

So good that several people picked it out! A must read.

"A new consumer behaviour pattern is challenging existing ways of marketing. Described as the 'sharing' economy or the 'circular economy', we are seeing an enthusiasm for products and services available to rent, rather than to own. This, combined with the rise of both the luxury end of the market and – at the other extreme – the discounter calls for new kinds of segmentation."

2. Social's future is not community

Jess said: "It seems to go against the grain of what everyone has been talking about this year!"

3. Oscar Mayer: Say It With Bacon

This case study is another one that more than one person picked out. It's an eye catching idea, and that makes it smart. It also won a Silver award in the Warc Prize for Social Strategy.

4. Creativity ain't what it used to be

"This year in Cannes, in a dark little windowless room full of happy, tanned, hungover people, I moderated a panel discussion for Warc. The topic was creativity and effectiveness. It didn't really go to plan. It was kind of supposed to be one of those things where we agreed with each other a lot about creativity making the work more effective."

5. Cheerios: From 'love your heart' to 'unconditional love'

Julia said: LOVED IT! Showing a real American family (interracial), and was so shocked when it received backlash.