The WARC Prize for Asia Strategy was first launched in 2011 to reward brilliant strategic thinking in marketing in Asia and marks its tenth anniversary in 2020. It seemed fitting to take the opportunity to reflect on and acknowledge the incredible progression of the strategic discipline in marketing across the region. 

In conjunction with this auspicious milestone, we take a walk down memory lane through the lens of past winners, judges and members of the WARC team, as they look back on what’s been achieved and look ahead at what’s to come.

Honouring a decade of Asian Strategy

Ten years on, this region has seen incredible change. The skylines of our cities are completely different. Rural communities continue to be lifted out of poverty and the region continues to spawn an ever-increasing number of ‘home-grown’ brands. Asia is rising and we’re proud to have showcased the strategic journey so far.
WARC’s Asia managing director, Edward Pank looks back at the genesis of the WARC Prize for Asia Strategy and the region’s strategic evolution since.

Here’s to the next decade of Asian Strategy

We know that WARC users all over the world are looking to learn from all countries in Asia, not just the ones with the biggest economies, and believe that often the smartest ideas can emerge from the smallest markets. 
WARC’s Managing Editor – Case Studies, Lucy Aitken, analyses previous winners of the WARC Prize for Asian Strategy to see how strategy will evolve across the region and announces a new Special Award.

When you’re an awards juror twice over: Thoughts on judging and the future

I hope that through it all, regardless of the business and economic climate we’re in, we mustn’t forget to go back to the reason why we’re doing this in the first place. Whether it’s to inspire, to be famous, or to make a difference in other people’s lives – we are all participating in a creative culture that celebrates our humanity. One case study at a time.
Payoneer’s Eileen Borromeo shares her thoughts on the future of creative strategy and recalls some of the most memorable work from her time as a WARC Prize for Asian Strategy judge in 2018 and 2019.

Grand Prix Retrospective: When a campaign takes on a life of its own

A tremendous emotional insight produced incredible business results – and this is why excellence in advertising will always remain important no matter what the changing circumstances dictate.
The Philippines Department of Tourism’s "It's More Fun in The Philippines" campaign won the Grand Prix at the WARC Prize for Asia Strategy in 2013 and has since thrived as a long-term platform for promoting the country on a global stage. BBDO’s Tony Harris shares his reflections and hopes.

Then and now: Strategy is all grown up in Asia

I was asked for a message to this year’s judging panel. But I don’t think they need my advice… but I would hope that they are stricter than ever. The discipline has grown up and needs no more molly-coddling. Strategies and creative work must be judged to the same standards as elsewhere in the world. Everything else would not do justice to the great strategies and strategists of Asia.
Frank Reitgassl – now group head of Brand Strategy & Development at Zurich Insurance – reflects on his time in Asia and the growth of the strategy discipline since, having served as a judge for the WARC Prize for Asian Strategy in 2014 and 2015.

When social eclipsed TV: lessons from 10 years of the WARC Prize for Asian Strategy

In 2011, when the Prize first launched, television reigned supreme: 92% of shortlisted papers used it. Soon after, however, its decline began. By 2019, only 27% of shortlisted papers cited it in their media mix. Today, TV remains a valid component within media strategies, but it rarely constitutes the backbone, and is often found playing a more supporting role.
WARC’s Chiara Manco looks back at ten years of the WARC Prize for Asian Strategy to see how Asia’s most effective marketing strategies adapted their channel selection in an ever-changing media landscape.

The 2020 edition of the WARC Prize for Asia Strategy is open for entries, with the deadline on 14 July. The Prize is free to enter and winning papers will share a prize fund of $10,000. For further information, visit the website or email