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Marketing fundamentals

Brand equity – why it matters and how to measure it

Takes a close look at brand equity – namely the added value a brand can give to a product or service to help to fuel business growth and explores the origins of equity modelling, how brands can be measured, and the impact that marketing can have on brand equity.

Neuroscience – What it is and how it helps evaluate marketing effectiveness

Takes a close look at neuroscience, a set of techniques to measure advertising effectiveness that has been growing in popularity among marketers, particularly over the last decade or so.

Frequency management – what is it and how is it evolving?

Summarises the many theories that have been published on frequency management and shares some of the latest thinking on frequency in the era of e-commerce.

Path to purchase – what is it, and how is it changing?

Shares key thinking around the path to purchase, how its changing and why, and how marketers can use data and smart measurement to engage consumers along their journey.

Behavioural economics – what is it and how to apply it to marketing

Shares some of the key thinking around behavioural economics and guidance on how it can be used to inform marketing strategies.

Creative briefs – what they are and why they still matter

As much as the business of advertising has changed, encompassing an ever-wider array of channels, the role of the creative brief remains eternal.

How to create an effective online content strategy

As a result of new distribution mechanisms and the rise of social and digital media, the role of content is becoming more important. 

Integrating media – why it matters and how to do it well

Marketers are under increasing pressure to maximise the return on media investments, and this can best be achieved by a coordinated use of complementary channels and platforms.

Distinctive brand assets – what they are and why they matter

Distinctive brand assets are a concept increasingly vital for brands looking to stand out in cluttered digital media ecosystems.

Classic webinars

What DTC brands know that you don’t

Features a look at direct-to-consumer from Nick Geoghegan at eatbigfish, a consultancy that focuses on challenger brands.

Faris Yakob on balancing your brand communications plans

A masterclass from Faris Yakob of Genius Steals on how brands should behave in different media environments.

Tech and media trends

An expert look at this year’s tech trends from Dan Calladine, Head of Media Futures at Carat.

System 1’s Orlando Wood on effective creativity

An in-depth look at why creativity is effective, and what types of creativity really work.

Rob Campbell and Martin Weigel on why your strategy needs more chaos

Another talk from our Cannes Lions programming in 2019 – a take-no-prisoners presentation from two of the world’s leading strategists: Rob Campbell of R/GA and Martin Weigel of Wieden + Kennedy.

Strategy in the age of experience

A talk from our Cannes Lions programming in 2019 – our annual Future of Strategy debate, looking at what it means to be a strategist at a time when clients focus on ‘experience’.

Peter Field and the crisis in creative effectiveness

A talk from our Cannes Lions programming in 2019 – the global debut of Peter Field’s research on The Crisis in Creative Effectiveness.

Rory Sutherland on the effectiveness of the irrational

Rory Sutherland, Vice chairman at Ogilvy, looks at the surprising power of ideas that don't make sense – and why that creates opportunity for marketers.

Les Binet and Sarah Carter on ‘How not to plan’

‘How Not to Plan’ seeks to explode some of the half-truths, assumptions and outright errors brands and agencies apply to their planning.

Online training

WARC, Cannes Lions and 42courses have combined to produce an online learning course in the basics of marketing strategy.

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This course – which is linked with WARC’s Strategy Toolkit – examines the insights and methods behind successful marketing strategies and equips you with the necessary practical skills as well as templates to help you plan, execute and measure your own campaigns.

You will learn the fundamental practical methods covering everything from the research phase, to objectives, KPIs, customer journeys, to briefing and evaluation.

You’ll be learning from some of the industry’s best strategic leaders as well as getting exclusive inspiration from award-winning case studies and research papers from the WARC archive and from Cannes Lions.

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