In The Effectiveness Code, we introduced the principle of creative commitment and its strong relationship with effectiveness. Here you will get further insights into key drivers of effectiveness and find out how to adapt the tactics and techniques of campaigns that endured the test of time for future brand work.

WARC, Cannes Lions and James Hurman present small budgets are making us stupider

Across the last five years, campaign budgets have been significantly reduced. Research conducted with LIONS and WARC shows that when spend is constrained, we inadvertently make choices that decrease the effectiveness potential of our work. Small budgets are, it appears, making us stupider.

James Hurman delves into the data to explore how and why we’re making less effective decisions with smaller budgets, and what we can do to reverse this situation.

The Black Supermarket: A lesson in creative effectiveness

WARC's VP, Content David Tiltman discusses the conception and creation of Carrefour's Black Supermarket with Senior Strategist at Marcel Paris, Sarah Lemarié. Sarah explains the origins of the idea and describes how this behemothic national retailer deployed bravery, strategic thinking and creativity to change the law while also driving footfall and closing the gap on its nearest competitor.

Creative effectiveness unwrapped: Behind Snickers' You're Not You When You're Hungry

LIONS teams up with WARC to analyse the universal appeal of this enduring campaign.

WARC's VP of Content David Tiltman and LIONS' Head of Awards Susie Walker consider the campaign's creative and strategic prowess in four key areas. Learn how Snickers have adapted this campaign to regain global market share, and find out how to adapt these tactics and techniques for future brand work.