Watch all the videos created by WARC for Lions Live 2020, including guidance on effectiveness in the age of e-commerce, the Creative Effectiveness Ladder, and lessons from brands that successfully adapted their campaigns for the COVID-19 lockdown.

Expert guidance on creative effectiveness

Keynote: Effectiveness in the age of e-commerce

COVID-19 is forcing brands across categories to shift faster into e-commerce. What does this long-term change in distribution mean for the effective investment of marketing budget?

How to use the Creative Effectiveness Ladder

Following the launch of The Effectiveness Code, James Hurman takes a deep-dive into how to apply the Creative Effectiveness Ladder – a six-step framework for creative effectiveness that draws on insights gathered from over 4,500 case studies – to your marketing.

Where the lemons bloom: How a change in creative style is undermining marketing effectiveness

Orlando Wood, Chief Innovation Officer of System1, describes the change in creative style that’s occurred over the last 15 years and how it has undermined effectiveness.

Understanding the new attention economy

Bringing together industry heavy-hitters for the WARC Guide to Planning for Attention, Karen Nelson-Field takes you through the value, measurement, application and ethics of Attention. Bringing fairness and transparency back to the advertising ecosystem.

Brand experience in e-commerce

Patrick Miller, co-founder of Flywheel, and Tiffany Lilze, Senior Director, e-commerce Supply Chain and Innovation, Procter & Gamble, talk to David Tiltman, VP content at WARC, about how marketers are waking up to this new route for creativity.

Behind the Winning Idea

Brands today face totally different challenges. Our experts look back at some of the most successful advertising campaigns to see what others can learn from those who've been there, done that, and effectively reinvented it during COVID-19.

Nike: Just Do It

Nike helped people move during the COVID-19 quarantine, at a time when their usual exercise routines were completely disrupted.

Budweiser: Whassup

Budweiser revived its 1999 Wassup campaign and made it relevant for the COVID-19 lockdown.

Tesco: Food Love Stories

Tesco adapted its Food Love Stories campaign for homebound customers during the COVID-19 lockdown.