Last month we published Top 10 Brands datasets from Kantar Media's global TGI panels on The TGI data provide a look at the most-consumed brands in 61 markets across four regions (Europe, the Americas, Asia Pacific and MEA), dating back to 2011. The datasets also show the number of consumers of each brand, and how that total relates to the population. With this, we're able to gain some interesting insight.

Coca-Cola is the most consumed brand, appearing in the top 10 in no less than 34 of our markets (57.6%) across all four regions. The soft drink giant had 70.7m consumers in China alone (48% of the population). However, this placed it only 8th in the country's rankings, where Danone was top with 109 million users. Coca-Cola was the favourite brand in four markets in 2013, including Hong Kong, where it was consumed by 77% of the population (3.9 million users), and Mexico, used by 72% (or 25.8 million).

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In the US, the most popular brand for 2013 was Clorox with 129.6 million users, 54% of the population. Clorox had previously ranked third in both 2012 and 2011, however its population share for both of these years was higher, at 70%.

Another brand to perform strongly in 2013 was Colgate, which appeared 39 times in individual top 10s around the world. However, this total is comprised of two products: its toothpaste, favoured in 25 markets (42.4%), and its toothbrushes, popular in 13 (22%). In nine markets, both products appeared in the top 10. This includes Thailand, where 80% of the population (39.8m) use Colgate toothbrushes, while 71% (35.1m) use the brand's toothpaste (many in tandem!).

The American-owned Colgate-Palmolive's foreign-market proliferation is strong: Colgate toothpaste was the second most-consumed brand in China last year, used by 62% of the population (90.7 million), while it was also top in Brazil, with 44 million users (65% of the population).

Looking at individual sectors, Food brands led the way in 2013 with 176 top 10 appearances. Soft drinks, aided largely by the prevalence of Coca-Cola, stood second with 134 top 10s, followed by household products with 85.