We have nothing quite like the Super Bowl in the UK. Yes, there’s TV events like the finale of “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here” which netted somewhere in the region of 10 million viewers – one of the bigger TV audiences we see nowadays. The historic event that was England winning the 1966 World Cup attracted an audience of just over 32 million people – the biggest TV event to date in the UK (according to The Guardian, anyway).

By comparison, the Super Bowl audience in 2010 (right now, in the age of diminishing TV audiences) is predicted to be around 150 million people – although actual audiences in past years have been closer to the 100 million people mark (source: TNS Jan 2010). It’s almost worth the $1 millionper 10 seconds that the ads cost!
And that’s the point – the Super Bowl has become an advertising event as well as a sporting event. There’s an industry built around Super Bowl Ads – there are countless websites and there is endless commentary. They’re famous for their cost as well as their quality (something that doesn’t always marry up). They’re talked about – something we’re all trying to achieve. And they're exciting.

So, although we have a different perception of what football stands for, and although we’re operating in a different market, you should go have a look… and here’s where to go:

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