Editor's note: This article is a refined draft of the live speech delivered by Gao Yanmin, former director of the Department of Consumer Products Industry, at the "2023 China Brand Marketing International Summit Forum".

Chinese brands are more and more concerned and favored by Chinese people, and brand marketing is also increasingly valued and expected by enterprises. How to strengthen Chinese brands and their brand marketing to promote high-quality economic development requires everyone to think deeply , Active practice, take this opportunity, put forward some personal views for reference.

First, the cultivation and shaping of Chinese brands is becoming more and more important and urgent for high-quality economic development

Chinese brands have become one of the important symbols to measure the level of economic quality and development, and they are a comprehensive reflection of the overall strength and competitiveness of the national economy. The report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China clearly stated that promoting high-quality economic development is the theme we must adhere to in the future. The "Outline for Building a Powerful Country with Quality" issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council clearly stated that it is necessary to cultivate, develop and strengthen Chinese brands, significantly improve the level of brand building, continue to emerge brand leaders with excellent quality and distinctive characteristics, and form a stronger corporate brand striving , the public trust in the brand's social atmosphere, and a large number of Chinese brands with excellent quality and obvious advantages. Therefore, how to further cultivate and shape Chinese brands and expand the market share of Chinese brand products is becoming more and more important and urgent to the overall economic situation. Only when the heritage of Chinese brands is deeper and more outstanding, can the overall strength of the Chinese economy become stronger and stronger, and the Chinese economy can enter the stage of high-quality development faster.

Second, strengthening Chinese brands is a major responsibility and arduous task for enterprises

Brand marketing is the process of continuously deepening the public's impression of brand products in product competition. Good brand marketing ideas help companies spread their culture and values. Culture determines the height of the brand, and quality determines the depth of the brand. In the process of brand building in China, the role of enterprises is indispensable, and Chinese enterprises must have heavy responsibilities and arduous tasks. Enterprises are the main body of brand building, so we must pay attention to brand cultivation, cherish Chinese brands, formulate brand marketing strategies, make advanced brand marketing concepts play a greater role in high quality, and let high-quality brand products in the market The proportion is getting higher and higher. High-quality development must be guaranteed by an excellent corporate product brand, so for the growth of brand products, the positioning must be clear, and the value expected to be created must also be clear. Compared with visible corporate assets, those invisible "intangible assets" that have been accumulated in the long-term development are more important for brand cultivation. In particular, the structure of the enterprise must be large. It must focus on the overall situation of the country and not only consider its own partial interests. It is necessary to find out more experience in brand building and cultivation with Chinese characteristics, so that more well-known Chinese brands can be presented to consumers. In front of the company, it really makes its own contribution to the high-quality development of the country.

Third, well-known Chinese brands are more conducive to promoting high-quality economic development

The core of brand marketing is to make consumers feel better about the company, relying on quality and value to gain popular support, and the most important thing is to gain everyone's trust. One of the most distinctive features of a well-known brand is that it can provide higher quality and value as well as unique functions. Without high quality and value, it is impossible to become a real well-known brand. Quality and value are the foundation of a strong Chinese brand, and the foundation for the big tree of the brand to take root and flourish. People's nostalgia and loyalty to a brand stem from their trust in its quality and value. Different from low-end products, consumers are very concerned about whether the quality of high-quality products can be sustained and whether they can stick to it, especially product consistency. , The loyalty to the brand comes from this, especially those mature and picky consumers are very conducive to strengthening Chinese brands. High quality and value will bring about the rapid growth of Chinese brands and greater market share, and of course will continue to promote high-quality economic development. It can be said that the more well-known brands emerge in China, the better the high-quality economic development will be.

Fourth, Chinese brands have gradually matured

Today, when commodities are abundant, the impact of brand quality on economic development often exceeds people's expectations. With the upgrading of consumption and gradually becoming rational, the phenomenon of paying attention to brands, pursuing brands, and buying high-quality Chinese brand products is becoming more and more obvious. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, focusing on the focus on variety, quality and brand, the "three products" special action of increasing variety, improving quality, and creating brands has been carried out in the field of consumer goods across the country for many years, fully tapping Chinese culture, national characteristics, Traditional cultural genes such as Chinese time-honored brands have further enhanced the influence of Chinese brands. Through joint efforts, the scale and comprehensive strength of my country's consumer goods industry have been significantly enhanced, and the satisfaction of Chinese consumer goods brands has continued to increase.

On the 618 shopping festival last year, the top sales of sports and leisure shoes and clothing were no longer those well-known international sports brands, but the well-known Chinese sports brands (Anta, Hongxing Erke, Xtep, etc.) that had grown up in China. In this regard, we are very pleased and proud of the gradual maturity of Chinese brands. Behind this phenomenon, in addition to the fact that the comprehensive strength and cultural self-confidence have been improved with the rise of great powers, it is also inseparable from the hard work of the majority of enterprises and the self-reliance and self-improvement of Chinese brands. With the rapid development of new technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence, digital technology has been applied and promoted in many industries, and it has become a trend. With the help of digital means, it can help enterprises reconstruct new brand development models, enhance enterprise innovation capabilities, greatly improve product consistency, and produce high-quality products, thereby improving the core competitiveness of enterprises and increasing the added value and value of Chinese brands. Comprehensive strength, so as to further promote high-quality economic development.

The new era is calling, and we look forward to seeing more, better and stronger well-known Chinese brands emerge, and grow together with high-quality economic development.