Over the past few months, we have been working behind the scenes to update and upgrade Warc's site structure. Our goal has been to make our content easier for you, our users, to find.

Today we've launched the first phase of these changes, so you should notice a few differences as you navigate around the site.

If any pages don't look quite right, press CTRL and F5, together. This will clear any old styling that might still be in place on your device.

The focus of today's changes is the Warc Index. You may not have noticed the Index – it's been a little hidden away. But it's central to the way we organise the knowledge on Warc. All the content we publish is tagged against a huge index of terms, and this helps us help you find what you need.

What's actually changing?

1. The Index has been updated and reorganised.

We've reorganised all our content around 11 broad subject areas. You can browse these on the Warc Index page, or in the Topics drop-down menu in the navigation bar at the top of any page.

2. We have introduced over 100 new topic pages

These 11 broad subject areas are subdivided into over 100 topics. You can browse through them on the Warc Index page.

Each of these has its own page offering Key Reading on each topic, curated by the Warc team. There is also a selection of the latest articles and research on that topic and, where relevant, the latest case studies.

For regular users, these replace the old Topic Pages, which sat outside the Warc index. These new ones offer a greater range of curated content. They also allow you to focus in on particular sub-topics. For example, in the page shown above, you could click on the 'Brand purpose' tab under the page title to bring up all the latest thinking on 'Brand purpose'.

3. You can choose to follow any of these 100+ topics.

By clicking the 'Follow this topic' button (bottom right in the picture below) on any of the Topic pages, you will receive a weekly Topic Updates email alerting you to new content on your chosen subject.

If you have existing Topic Update preferences in place, selected from our previous Topic pages, you will see your choices transferred automatically onto the new system.

If you need to make any changes to your Topic Updates, you can do so using the Your Warc drop-down menu in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

How will this help you find information?

We hope this will make information easier to find, and do a better job of surfacing the best information around specific topics. It should make browsing the site for content more straightforward, as there is only one navigation system to worry about.

The new Topic Pages will be surfaced in search results, allowing you to jump straight from a keyword search to our collection of content around that topic.

Anything else?

For ease of access, we've moved the Notes & Folders function - where you can save content for later - into the Your Warc menu.

It's also on the page footer bar, as you may have been used to accessing Notes & Folders via the black "Toolbar" that used to be pinned to the bottom of the screen.

That is the only change - i.e. how you access the content you've already added. You should still save content into Notes & Folders in the same way as before - either in batches via search results pages or individually from within the article viewer.

What happens next?

This is a work in progress. Today's Index relaunch is only the first stage of an ongoing project to take our users to the content they need as quickly as possible.

We'll be adding extra content and extra functionality to the Topic pages, and generally making it easier to find content on any particular topic you might be looking for.

If you have any feedback on the new structure, the new pages, or anything else you would like to see us add to the site, please let us know.