There's no argument that programmatic advertising is a hot topic. At a packed session at Advertising Week Europe, David Tiltman, Head of Content at Warc, and Graham Wylie, Marketing Director EMEA of AppNexus, explained that they are moving the conversation on from "What is programmatic?" to why programmatic is growing so fast and how advertisers can use it most effectively for their business.

The 'why' and 'how' of programmatic is also the topic of a new AppNexus research study, launched at the event. Working with Warc, the study looks at the evolution of digital advertising and programmatic across Europe. Aiming to be one of the largest studies on programmatic yet undertaken, it explores adoption across advertisers, agencies and media. To join this important project and receive a copy of the results, please take a moment to fill in this survey.

AppNexus Ad Week

Tiltman called for the ad tech industry to move their focus from media efficiencies toward effective advertising strategies. This broadens the conversation to incorporate programmatic into a brand's overall data strategy and will allow brands to be more creative and customer centric in all communications. He referenced Telstra, the Australian telco, as a brand that has used data to create effective personalized marketing – as detailed in the case study here.

Nigel Gilbert, VP Sales EMEA, at AppNexus, emphasised that companies win when they play to their strengths, otherwise they are set up to fail. He urged those attending to seriously consider what technology and expertise they should buy in for online display advertising, and what could be set up within the company itself. This means making the right choices about infrastructure (that is ad serving, collecting inventory), selecting features (such as the user interface and data analysis) and which services to develop (for example, business strategy and how to interact with the rest of the market). Just being involved in programmatic is not enough, companies need to understand their market position and how what they do interacts with the whole online ecosystem.

So what are the opportunities of programmatic? What are the challenges and barriers that stand in the way? Why is programmatic growing so strongly and how will it impact creativity; buyer/seller relationships and the skillsets of those involved in advertising?

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