Which brand owner creates the most effective social media campaigns? While we were searching the Warc database for case studies to feature in our newly-released Seriously Social trends report, certain advertisers cropped up time and again. To determine which advertisers make social media work particularly hard for their brands, we looked at all of the award-winning social media cases on Warc from October 2008 to December 2012, and produced this table of top social brands.

Most featured brands/brand owners in award-winning social media cases on Warc

1 Unilever, 2 P&G, 3 Kraft, 4 Mars, 5 Coca-Cola, 6 McDonalds, 7 Frito-Lay, 8 Toyota, 9 Microsoft, 10 Heineken, 11 Diageo, 12 American Express, 13 AT&T, 14 Volkswagen, 15 Samsung
Source: Case Studies on Warc, October 2008-December 2012 from Seriously Social, warc.com

As you can see, Unilever leads the pack by a long way, and is followed by fellow fmcg giant, Procter & Gamble. This was despite one of our other findings - that the household and domestic sector underindexes in total number of social media campaigns. However, campaigns for both the food and drink categories are far more likely than average to employ social media touchpoints, and take positions 3-7 in the table.

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