"The lines are blurring between media, channels and brands, which is a massive challenge and opportunity,” says The Future Laboratory CEO Trevor Hardy, ahead of Digital Media Strategies. “It is the chance for many media brands to reassert themselves and move from documenting culture and business, to creating it.”

Media is undergoing a transformation. And it’s an important time for media owners to come together and share experiences, creative thinking and analysis on the biggest issues – from creating sustainable revenues through digital, via competing with Facebook and Google, to combating fake news.

This year’s theme is all about helping publishers create that digital-first, dynamic business model. It is this, according to Time Out Digital’s CEO Christine Petersen, that will drive growth and solve a customer problem.

“As we live in a digital world, advertisers want to stand out and bring their brands to life, engaging consumers in exciting and unique experiences that reach far beyond a simple ad. Working directly with partners to develop innovative, bespoke campaigns spanning multi-channels and enabling them to connect with our great global audience is exciting,” says Petersen.

The speaker line-up boasts a number of diverse voices from the publishing and media world including Petersen and leaders from News UK, The Guardian, The Telegraph and The New York Times.

DMS is also set to explore consumers’ changing perceptions of the media. Hearst president and CEO James Wildman explains is one of the more “crunchy” issues the industry is facing.

“We are reviewing our priorities and the issue of trust is increasingly reoccurring. Technology and social media are increasingly fragmenting the media world and the proliferation of fake news is undermining trust. As a result, we’ve been seeing the word trust used in advertising briefs more frequently, and that’s an incredibly exciting position to be in as a media owner such as Hearst. We have lighthouse brands that our audiences trust and feel a powerful connection to. It’s exciting to be working for a content and experience business that’s a beacon of positivity in a transformational world,” says Wildman.

Hear from Hardy, Petersen, Wildman and other industry leaders at Campaign’s Digital Media Strategies on 8-9 March in Central London.