The results from Warc’s Global Marketing Index in May indicate that marketers the world over remain optimistic, buoyed by rapidly improving trading conditions and strengthened budget setting across the board.

The headline GMI measure – which takes into account marketers’ expectations for trading conditions and marketing budgets, as well as staffing levels – recorded an index reading of 58.0 in May, a decline of 0.3 points from April but a 1.5 point rise from the previous year. A reading of 50 indicates no change, and above 60 indicates rapid growth.

Globally, the outlook for trading conditions continues to indicate strong optimism on 61.4, a 0.3 point rise from April.

Source: Global Marketing Index

The global index for marketing budgets registered 55.7 in May, which was broadly consistent with previous months in 2014. Indeed, the index for marketing budgets has remained above 54.2 points throughout the year, a noteworthy value given that the index peaked at this mark only once over the course of the previous two years.

Source: Global Marketing Index

The GMI is a unique indicator of the state of the global marketing industry. Every month it tracks conditions among marketers within their organisation and region.