Less than a month ago Nike launched its classic world cup epic 'Write the Future'. From the moment of its launch I had a feeling that this work will soon be changing the future for Nike itself.

The best way to prove or disprove the above hypothesis was to start analysing the way Nike 'Write the Future' was taking off. Usually, communications need a good period of time to be analysed, however, in the case of Nike four weeks were more than enough to experience the impact of its communications. Today, 'Write the Future' has become a worldwide phenomenon - and people across the world are continuously contributing to its success.

As part of the analysis I have made a short deck. Highlights include;

-         From YouTube the brand has earned 89 years of free broadcasting  
-         For Nike.com the communication has added 81 extra years of viewing
-         Have ambushed official world cup sponsors by gaining maximum share of voice i.e. 30.02%
-         Etc.

Enjoy it in full screen http://www.slideshare.net/dynamite84/nike-cowriting-the-future