Hyundai, the South Korean auto giant, is talking Boston ahead of the 2020 Super Bowl - WARC's resident Bostonian, Geoffrey Precourt, explains why that's smaht.

Oh, for gawd’s sake… this WARCer (or, “WAAKKah”, in my native tongue [we’re not so hot with our Rs]) is a Bahstonian who bleeds Sox red and Celtic green. And I’m wicked happy.

Two homies who’ve become TV and movie stahs are— Rachel (“SNL”) Dratch aand Chris (“Captain America”) Evans are hangin’, when who shows up but another local yokal: Johh (“The Office”) Krasinski drives up to pahk his cahr. And, I sweah to gawd: There’s no room for the cahr, but the thing magically pulls into a narrow spot when Krasinski steps aside.

“Just hit the clickah – cah pahks itself,” he explains. “It’s wicked smaht.”

In this Bahstonian’s opinion, the commercial’s every bit as smaht. Or course, it’s memorable: No one speaks American like us folks in the Northeast cahner of the country.

But the pahker-thing is a winnah—even Big Papi, who makes a cameo in the commercial agrees: Hyundai is talking up a marketable point of difference that will cement itself in viewer’s minds.

The game? The Ninahs have a quartahback we groomed in Foxborah, so they get the pre-game edge. But when the last piece of kahnfetti has fallen from the Miami’s Hadd Rock Stadium, Hyundai will walk away as the winnah in the TV-commercial game-within-a-game.

It’s pissah. Just ask anyone from Bahston.