Praise, prestige, recognition and reward are within your grasp… that is if you can prove the value of your expertise. The IPA Effectiveness Awards are the way to do it, argues J. Walter Thompson's Head of Planning Neil Godber.

'I am truly excited to be X of X.' Recognise that? The generic quote of anyone endorsing anything ever.

So, here’s mine: I am truly excited to be Convener of Judges for the 2018 IPA Effectiveness Awards. A cliché, yes. But a lie? In this case, definitely not. 

I mean it, I’m excited; it’s a massive opportunity for me and hopefully for everyone. As anyone in the know knows, these are the crème de la crème of awards.

In an increasingly rich media environment, with the ticking clock of short-termism, the constant pressure on budgets, I will be honoured to see which of your activity – from product innovation to brand experience, from the new to the old, and to all iterations in between - has engaged, cut through and delivered the greatest impact on brands, behaviours and balance sheets.

I will also be applying the knowledge, experience and insight from the leading lights in our industry in the form of a who’s who client and agency judging panel, as they pour over your work – dissecting the detail, questioning the activity, evaluating the results and watching in bewildered awe at the outcome.  It’s a tough jury but that’s why you can rely on it when referencing a case to your clients.

And, as if this isn’t enough, I will then have the joy of sharing this new-found knowledge and results with you, the rest of your peers, clients, and the world at large through the Awards ceremony itself, and through their publication in the much referenced Advertising Works’ book series and on the IPA Databank.

These cases provide the foundation blocks of our industry learning. And rightly so. These are case studies of how to nail it. How to excel. Emulate them. Better them, even.

So now you see why I’m excited. And you should be too.

But this is a two-way thing. Obviously without you, none of the above will be possible. So…

Please enter.

Prove the worth of what you do, prove the worth of what you do to your agency, prove the worth of what your agency does for your clients – you make damn effective work that has transformed businesses.

Prove your worth to the industry – add to the collective long-lasting knowledge bank of learning that proves our industry makes a difference. And that we are damn good at it.

Prove your worth to yourself, your peers, and your competition, all of whom have no doubt been bored to tears by you going on about your latest project.

And so in summation, from an overt cliché to an impassioned plea, indulge me:

For the fame, the prestige, the boastabililty of winning one, the experience, the recognition and reward from all corners, the line on your CV, the lengthening list of clients, the champagne on the night and the hangover after it, just do it.

Here’s how: