If you're like most people, you probably immortalized some of the summer with photographs.

Of course, when we say "photographs" these days most people think of images with pixels and not old-technology, chemical processing. Most everyone has gone digital, with digital SLRs or point-and-shoots. Virtually nobody uses old-technology "film" anymore. You might say the act of dropping off of rolls of film has dropped off precipitously.

No, most consumers have gone digital, and according to our Customer Loyalty Engagement Index expectations regarding digital cameras have increased dramatically. With the ability to instantly review and re-capture images and then to immediately manipulate, display, print, transmit, and/or archive, what else would consumer expectations do? What once delighted and exceeded expectations have become the expected.

So how do consumers rate the current range of digital camera brands? From a loyalty perspective here's what the categories look like:

Digital SLR Cameras:

  1. Nikon
  2. Canon
  3. Panasonic
  4. Sony
  5. Olympus/Pentax
  6. Fuji

Digital Point & Shoot Camera

  1. Canon
  2. Kodak
  3. Panasonic/Sony
  4. Nikon
  5. Pentax
  6. Olympus
  7. Fuji/Casio

The photographer Ernst Hass, best known for his innovations in color photography and experiments in film with abstract light and form, once noted, "there is only you and your camera."

But with the increase in picture quality and the ubiquity of we-can-do-everything smartphones taking the place of stand-alone digital cameras, we expect we may soon have to amend that to "there's only you and your phone."