Following the recent North America Effies Awards in New York City, Warc has published 45 winning case studies showcasing great thinking and brilliant results.

Here we've chosen some of our highlights, selected because we feel they are especially interesting - either because the client faced a particularly tough challenge, such as reaching dual audiences, or because the campaign demonstrates how to implement a specific strategy, such as harnessing brand advocates.

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Corona Extra: Finding Our Beach

Learn how Corona Extra, the beer brand long-aligned with the beach and outdoors, broadened its consumption occasions by changing the definition of “the beach”, to make it a state of mind. Consumers were encouraged to share their definition of “beach” and outdoor living on social media.

Tide: Mi Tide

Tide, Procter & Gamble's laundry detergent brand, successfully reached the US Hispanic market by breaking with the norm of crafting insights known to resonate amongst the majority of the Hispanic segment, and instead adopted a highly targeted approach.

Procter & Gamble: Proud Sponsor of Moms

This case describes the US-focused elements of a global, corporate-brand-led campaign designed around Procter & Gamble's (P&G) sponsorship of the London 2012 Olympic Games. This emotional campaign was created to honour the role that mothers play helping their children to reach their full potential.

Dos Equis: The Most Interesting Man in the World

Learn how Dos Equis, a little-known Mexican beer became a distinctive premium brand in the US market by creating a brand character, Dos Equis. The brand made the character so interesting and compelling that it became the first beer brand in the world to hit 1m Facebook fans.

Stove Top Stuffing Mix: It's not just for Thanksgiving

Stove Top Stuffing, a US stuffing mix brand, developed the 'It's not just for Thanksgiving' campaign to broaden consumption occasions beyond just Thanksgiving. Using a brand character strategy, the family of ‘Angry Pilgrims’ generated social media buzz and resulted in double-digit sales – outside of the holiday period.

Samsung Mobile USA: The Next Big Thing is Already Here

Learn how Samsung, the consumer electronics company, launched its Galaxy SII (GSII) smartphone in the US market, by positioning itself as a challenger brand to Apple, the market leader. Using a humorous approach, this campaign is an example of a big budget, multi-channel campaign that cultivated an engaged social community via Facebook and increased its Facebook fans by 433%.

The Costa Rica Tourism Board: Costa Rica's Million Dollar Gift of Happiness

This small budget campaign, for the Costa Rica Tourism Board, appealed to the US and Canadian market by being provocative, newsworthy and harnessing the power of influencers. The strategy was to give away seven-night trips to Costa Rica – gifts were distributed randomly through Facebook, media and blogger outreach.

Mizuno: Mezamashii Run Project

Mizuno, a brand of Japanese running shoes, targeted influencers and brand ambassadors among 'running junkie' consumers to sell more of these niche, premium priced running shoes, and build a sustainable community of fans. 600 influencers were offered a pair of Mizuno shoes. The “Mezamashii” in the title, by the way, is Japanese for “eye opening” or “brilliant.”

Ball Park: Reinventing An Iconic Brand

Ball Park, an iconic US hot dog brand, demonstrates how a brand can successfully reach a dual audience: male consumers and female shoppers. It repositioned itself away from being a family food to being “guy food for guy time”. It had to appeal to a new male target but, at the same time, engage female shoppers - who would be the typical purchasers.

Milk: Latte Love

This US shopper marketing campaign, funded by the Milk Processors Education Program (MilkPEP), increased sales of milk by encouraging adult women to buy milk for making latte coffees at home – hence broadening consumption occasions. Rather than focus on changing behaviour, the key thinking behind this campaign was to make milk relevant to the modern woman.

Smith & Wollensky: Name Change

Smith & Wollensky, a steakhouse in New York, used the trend for personalisation to secure ambassadors for its brand. This highly personalised strategy included putting a plaque with the customer’s name on the wall and waiters who remembered guests’ food and drinks preferences.

Etch A Sketch: Shake It Up, America

This case for Etch A Sketch, an iconic drawing toy, is a good learning in how a brand can build a real-time marketing campaign. Seizing upon a chance remark made during the 2012 US presidential election, it generated large amounts of earned media and increased sales.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, "The Vet and the n00b"

Finally, the US launch of the video game 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3' - and the top Grand Effie winner - engaged two groups of male gamers: its existing core audience of young (18-24) hardcore gamers and an older (late 20s-30s) audience of lighter gamers. Effectiveness was benchmarked against sales targets for the first few days post-launch.

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