As the office winds down ready for Christmas – we're on a skeleton staff next week – here's the latest set of #WarcFavourites2014.

1. V/Line Guilt Trips

Jess said: " I think it was a clever strategy to use guilt and social media to publically shame people for not visiting home enough, something that everyone can relate to, in a light hearted way and get such a good result for the brand. And the two sheilas in the hairdressers always make me laugh – total pros at guilt trips."

2. The Brand in the Boardroom: Making the case for investment in brand

This WPP Atitticus Award winner explains how to determine the worth of brands – and how to argue that value in the boardroom.

3. Newcastle Brown Ale: If we made it

We're big fans of Newcastle Brown's 'no bollocks' advertising, and this campaign built on that approach. As everyone got excited about Super Bowl ads, Newcastle Brown did some trolling. Mimicking the campaign phases for actual Super Bowl ads for this fake one, the team at Droga 5 achieved similar reach for a fraction of the budget.

4. Seriously Social 2014 – How social strategy can drive business results

This trends report analyses the best and most effective social campaigns. Peter Field explains his new system for analysing social campaigns and explains how social can drive business results.

5. Toyota: Tundra Endeavour

This campaign was my pick. Frankly, it's epic. And that's part of what makes it work. But it wasn't just a brand stunt, there was a lot of thought behind it. The Toyota Tundra's power was widely under-estimated so the company needed to show it was actually a good truck. I suppose towing a space shuttle works … and all the digital and PR surrounding the event made sure it did.