As seen in many categories out there, copier brands find themselves in a state of flux. To begin with, there is the more accurate description of what today’s copiers actually are—however, that remains a mouthful; “multi-functional product office copier” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. And that’s just the copier side of the business. Brands that built their company on the ability to replicate are now attempting to carve out unique turf when it comes to performing document management services for companies.

Xerox, one of those few brands whose name was in the enviable position of being used as a verb by those of us who can remember “xeroxing” our expense reports, is doing much more than copying these days, and wants to tell you about it. A recent ad, linking them to one of the sexiest motorcycle brands on earth, Ducati, is both funny and metaphorically sound, if a little far-fetched. Why a test-driver in a wind tunnel is also responsible for translating documents into Portuguese is not really the point, however. The point, and a well-made one, is that businesses should keep their eye on the prize—mainly, who they are and why their products are bought. In Ducati’s case, it’s kicking bikes that ignite consumers, not their exemplary translation skills.

We track Xerox in our Customer Loyalty Engagement Index, an annual ranking of hundreds of brands by how close they come to what consumers really want in the category in which they participate. This year, the MFP Copier brands ranked as follows:

Konica Minolta/ Canon (tie)

As Xerox races to first, they could find a worse partner than Ducati to carry the message of speed. But this ad can serve as a reminder to all brands that process, while important, is not the kind of emotional driver that wins fans. Knowing what matters most to consumers is the strategy every brand needs to copy.