The Admap March issue is out now. The Focus theme this month is devoted to one of today's most emotive and challenging marketing issues: personalised targeting.

The ability to target individuals efficiently with personalised messages has long been the Holy Grail for advertisers. And with the advent of online, where consumer journeys to purchase can be traced, and where ad networks can serve messages to users based on their browsing history, this dream has become a reality. But significant barriers to growth for this nascent industry remain - not least consumers' privacy concerns. We have a variety of perspectives on personalised targeting taking in behavioural, contextual and predictive techniques through developments in social targeting.

This month's Focus theme (1:22)

The whole issue can be browsed by subscribers via But we also have a free-to-access piece from Tony Effik of Publicis Modem, who argues for the targeting of influencers within distinct social groups, which non-subscribers can read. Also on the personalised targeting topic, Norm Johnston of Mindshare Worldwide discusses addressable TV - one of the major ways in which personalised targeting has spread to traditional media - and Tracey Follows of VCCP analyses location-based mobile targeting, a major future growth area for the industry.

March's Admap also features a case study from B2B agribusiness Alltech, which aimed to move into the B2C market through sponsorship of the World Equestrian Games and achieved an ROI of 409%.

This month's case study - and Feldwick Factor (1:32)

And this month's Feldwick Factor looks into the effectiveness of running beer brand promotions - and the attendant risks of this brand "doing a Burberry".

We're currently at work on the April issue, which will cover global lessons to be learned from the fast-growing emerging economies; in May, shopper marketing will be the focus. Watch this space for updates.