This month, Honey Nut Cheerios is the brand which has achieved the largest rise in its Ad Awareness over the last 30 days, particularly among Americans aged 18-34.

The September peak hit just after the launch of a series of short ads, in English and Spanish, showing the cereal pieces enjoying themselves in a variety of outdoor events and rides.

On July 23, Honey Nut Cheerios’ Ad Awareness score (whether someone has seen an advert for a brand) was at +17. By mid-September, the score had risen to a high of +25. The jump is even more pronounced for millennials, from +11 on July 23rd to a peak of +29.

The brand’s spike in Ad Awareness also corresponds with the launch of sister product Pumpkin Spice Cheerios – featured prominently on social media – and Cheerios’ partnerships with The Today Show and The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Data from YouGov Ratings finds that 76% of millennials have a positive opinion of Honey Nut cheerios, compared to 71% of the general population. Those who have a positive opinion of Honey Nut Cheerios are more likely to agree with the statement “Advertising helps me choose what I buy” than the total population, by 53% to 46%.

Cheerios can be pleased that their marketing efforts have had a significant effect on the public’s awareness of the brand. They have harnessed the launch of a new product to promote the rest of their offering and will look to turn the public’s attention into sales.