This month, Vimto is the brand that has achieved the greatest uplift in ad awareness in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The brands current campaign, which is shown on Arab Satellite TV, focuses on the connection between the brand and the holy month of Ramadan.

Over the years Vimto has become a staple beverage to be consumed at Iftar, when Muslims break their fast. This is partly due to the high sugar content which works to quickly restore energy levels in the body and is also a result of the beverage’s association with sharing, as the nature of the cordial is that it is prepared for a group to share, which ties in with the togetherness themes of Ramadan.

YouGov brand tracking data shows that the campaign has resonated with the general public. Its Ad Awareness score (whether someone has seen its advert) in the first two weeks of May increased by +11.5 points compared to the monthly average for April.

While the brand has a notable presence in the concentrated drinks market in Saudi Arabia already, its recent campaign has seen its Purchase Consideration score (whether someone would consider purchasing from the brand) climb higher still, from +14 to +19.

Vimto can be pleased to know that their campaign is being noticed by residents of KSA, and that coinciding their advertising with the holy month of Ramadan is likely to not only boost awareness, but sales too.