Consumers will be getting into the spirit of the holiday this year, and it won’t only be jack o’ lanterns and trick-or-treaters who’ll be smiling. Retailers will have a lot less to be afraid of because according our annual Halloween Survey, consumers intend to spend 15% more than last year – a really chilling year for retailers – or nearly $70.00 to celebrate.

This year Halloween falls on a Sunday, which means celebrations will start Friday night and run through the weekend. Sixty-three percent of the 6,000 respondents polled indicated that they were going to host or attend a party, and for 18 to 24 year olds the top-10 favored costumes-of-choice are:

1. Jersey Shore cast member
2. Lady Gaga
3. Avatar character
4. Snooki
5. President Obama
6. Iron Man
7. Buzz Lightyear/Woody
8. Pirate
9. Alice In Wonderland/Mad Hatter
10. Batman

Those not partying are going to celebrate the old-fashioned way: traditional, neighborhood trick-or-treating. If you want to keep the witches, pirates, princesses, and superheroes happy this year, the top-10 most-coveted candies are:

1. Hershey Chocolate Kisses
2. Snickers
3. Nerds/3 Musketeers
4. M&Ms
5. Gummies
6. Nestlé Crunch/MARS bar
7. Candy Corn/Twix
8. Reese’s Pieces
9. Tootsie Roll/Pops
10. Hot Tamales/Kit Kats

Based on this year’s survey results it’s fair to say that you don’t need to be a witch or warlock or have access to a crystal ball to divine that this is going to be a boo-tiful Halloween for retailers.