In an exclusive interview with WARC, Chieme Tung, the brand manager of Colorful Yunnan Ancient Dian Famous City, shared how this well-being tourism and resort brand deeply cultivates regional cultural genes, and uses operational thinking to make projects in a stable chassis, rather than selling real estate , so as to gently face market involution; have cultural and geographical advantages, and learn how to use them well. Keep coming back here to discover another way to live.

Chieme Tung

Chieme Tung, Brand Leader of Colorful Yunnan Ancient Dian Famous City

WARC: During the 10-year development process of Colorful Yunnan Ancient Dian City, how did the brand of “Cultural Tourism” become a cultural brand?

Dong Chengmin: We are lucky, because the project of Colorful Yunnan Ancient Dian Famous City is located in Jinning, Kunming, Yunnan, and Jinning is the site of ancient Dian culture. Many bronzes were unearthed along the Dianchi Lake, so this place is known by many people. To some extent, it also determines that our project has a strong cultural gene and cultural roots, and its roots are more derived from the ancient Yunnan culture.

Another level is rooted in the blood of colorful Yunnan. We have been committed to digging out Yunnan culture, reproducing Yunnan culture, and doing content in exploring, displaying and experiencing Yunnan culture. Therefore, since the development and construction of the project, it has been hoped to reproduce the ancient Yunnan culture and highlight the characteristics and customs of Yunnan's ethnic minorities.

Colorful Yunnan Ancient Dian Famous City builds a health and wellness tourist resort with the core and soul of ancient Dian history and culture, Yunnan national culture and regional culture. Combined with our local natural and beautiful scenery, we let the ancient Yunnan culture go from underground to the ground, from invisible to tangible. Through such a cultural core, we will do a comprehensive leading-driven planning. In the planning process, whether it is brand events, brand IP, or high-quality content exported by the brand, it is all about showing everyone the spirit of Yunnan and the level of life in Yunnan.

Maybe when you open the door to get to know Colorful Yunnan, you know that Colorful Yunnan is a cultural tourism disk, but in the end you will find that we have a lot of understanding and updating of culture. If everyone's impression of Colorful Yunnan has been improved and harvested at this level, it is what our project wants to pass on to everyone.

WARC: The repeated prevention and control measures in China have already caused various impacts on economic entities. Colorful Yunnan Ancient Dian Famous City is in an offline industry that has been greatly affected. So how did you offset the negative impact during this period?

Dong Chengmin: Uncertainty is something that everyone cannot predict. Everyone also said that the biggest constant is rapid change, so we have no specific layout, because it is not realistic and there are too many uncontrollable factors.

However, in the past three years of the epidemic, while the cultural tourism industry has suffered from the epidemic, it has also formed new cultural and tourism consumption trends and demands, and has undergone new structural adjustments. For example, more and more people don't have the leisure time to run around outside like before. They are more interested in what to do in the suburbs, and they want to go outdoors and get close to nature. We have also captured the outdoor heat and camping heat presented on social platforms. No matter how the people face the epidemic, they still have a strong desire to travel and hope to travel with their families.

In terms of marketing, if we say that Colorful Yunnan has a lot of activities going out in 2018 and 2019, on the one hand, it is hoped that more friends from outside the province will know about Yunnan and ancient Dian; on the other hand, the attributes of ancient Dian are indeed It is a travel destination, and it needs to be known and understood by more and more distant friends.

However, under the influence of the epidemic situation in recent years, our marketing efforts are also slowly withdrawing, focusing on thinking about how to deeply cultivate the local area and expand to prefectures and states outside of Kunming. We found that after the epidemic, the proportion of local customers visiting is much higher than that of customers from outside the province. So this kind of adjustment also reflects that our efforts outside the province and across the country have somewhat shrunk. Regarding the continuous and stable output of some voices and dynamics of our projects, we will withdraw a little bit. After all, many customers can't come after seeing it.

In fact, Colorful Yunnan is a bit more optimistic. Although the epidemic has brought too many negative things, we also have some advantages. The big base of Colorful Yunnan is the destination of health and wellness tourism, so in terms of wellness travel and wellness, it is regarded as God’s reward. Wellness vacation has become an important type and mode of tourism, especially in the current social situation of an aging population. In addition, the epidemic has made people pay more attention to the topic of life and health. The development model and business structure established with health tourism and vacation as the core will constitute the mainstream of health tourism development and will also be one of the leading directions of China's tourism in the future.

The picture is provided by Colorful Yunnan Ancient Dian Famous City

Therefore, Colorful Yunnan Ancient Dian Famous City is also the seed we have planted all the time, and our efforts and efforts in the direction of health care will have a better chance to be seen. It has been put into operation since 2017, and has created a vitality health care park, a university for the elderly, a rehabilitation hospital, a style business center, an apartment for the elderly, and some humanistic care service packages for residents and tourists. The living space, especially for the elderly, can reap a more comfortable self-entertainment, social interaction and healthy lifestyle. Such a rich commercial format combined with an integrated operating model and convenient life services will make more people start to care about it. It turns out that ancient Dian is not a place for pure tourism, but a place where you can really come to retire or recuperate. .

The picture is provided by Colorful Yunnan Ancient Dian Famous City

In addition, like our Southwest Chief Ancient Dian Cultural Tourism Boutique Hot Spring, Banshan Health, Baqianji Camp, etc., the scene is built on our ancient Dian project, and our professional coaches lead customers to create a 360-degree healthy lifestyle . Whether it is meals, exercise, physical examination, or rehabilitation, tourists can go for an immersive experience. When we do a good job of guaranteeing public health management services, everyone has a new level of understanding of ancient Dian, and there is one more reason to come and have a look.

As for the real estate business, our residents can also enjoy the membership rights of the health care park, such as health packages and expert consultations. These services are all completed on a high-frequency and regular basis. We now have tens of thousands of homeowners, and our entire community team "Shiguangshe" is taking the owners to eat, drink and have fun every day, and there are corresponding courses every day.

Owner Activities

The picture is provided by Colorful Yunnan Ancient Dian Famous City

WARC: In the process of recovering marketing actions, is it necessary to reduce some budgets?

Dong Chengmin: Our overall marketing expenses depend on how many tasks can be created and completed. If the environment is not good, the tasks may be lowered. But relatively speaking, we are ahead of our peers, and we don’t have a particularly large budget. When the operation is relatively normal and the overall rhythm is relatively normal, we need to look at the demand. Now we still need to do online content output, need the activities to be seen, and invite users who can be reached. Now everyone's reading habits, living habits, and consumption habits are slowly going online, so we have reserved budgets at these levels, and what we cut may be the budgets at the offline local traditional media level.

WARC: From the perspective of overall brand operation, how do the recuperation, residence, investment, and cultural tourism sectors of Colorful Yunnan Ancient Dian Famous City promote each other to ensure the overall performance of the brand, especially in various existing markets or business problems have been highlighted the moment?

Dong Chengmin: We are a "family-style" enterprise, and each sector must emphasize a famous ancient city in Yunnan. Every deployment, action, and planning we make must be viewed in combination with how each line is built and how it exerts its strength.

For example, from the point of view of the operation line and the real estate line, real estate may pay more attention to how to generate a fatal attraction to the crowd, so that they want to come to the famous ancient Yunnan city, and how to stay after they come. At the real estate level, there are more self-made festivals, such as the "Journey to Yunnan" we did in the summer, hoping that those tourists from outside the province who need more time to make decisions will come to Yunnan when they have more time.

What the operator needs to think about is whether the customer can form a repurchase after the second visit, and whether they can come again. So when the demand points are different, the events of each sector are also different in form. The operation port is particularly fond of doing festivals, such as May 1st Golden Week, 11th Golden Week, Halloween Tricky Carnival, Chinese New Year Carnival, etc., with more popular and family-oriented travel options for festival marketing. At this time, consumers' travel and purchase needs can best be formed, and customers will bring their families and friends to play together. The operation entrance is open, and everyone is welcome.

"Journey to Dian"

The picture is provided by Colorful Yunnan Ancient Dian Famous City

WARC: In the face of uncertainty, enterprises may need to take multiple measures from satisfying consumers to satisfying partners, suppliers, retailers, etc. How does Colorful Yunnan Ancient Dian Famous City do in this regard?

Dong Chengmin: We have always had a proposition that the famous ancient Dian city is a platform. From the perspective of consumers, they come here to enjoy the experience; from the perspective of partners, suppliers, and retailers, they want to get more opportunities.

We always talk about breaking the traditional joint venture and the relationship between Party A and Party B. When we do things, we are at the level of joint operation. The platform of the famous ancient Dian city is too inclusive. Practitioners or partners from all walks of life can find some possibilities here.

Our cooperative business base is huge, because Qicai Yunnan already has so many sectors. Everyone is thinking about the issue of mutual empowerment, not what the famous ancient Dian city needs, so we hope that what the partner provides, we will jointly take a step forward in our respective fields. So no matter how difficult the epidemic is, I think the best thing is that all the parties are with us to overcome the difficulties, and there is no alienation in cooperation. We cooperate with so many high-frequency activities, but we will not default on their hard costs. Therefore, under such a basic guarantee, everyone cooperated very happily and formed a long-term companionship cooperative relationship.

WARC: Colorful Yunnan Ancient Dian Famous City also cooperates with some well-known enterprises to create regional exclusivity, such as innovatively launching special services and products in the local McDonald's. How can this kind of "ecological" development promote the long-term and effective growth of the brand?

Dong Chengmin: It is thanks to the fact that the parent brand Qicai Yunnan obtained the agency rights of McDonald's in Yunnan that McDonald's has an innovative scene, so we were able to open a store here, and design and operate specialty stores. Colorful Yunnan has been settled for 30 years. For the "children" of the famous ancient Yunnan city, they can stand on the arms of this adult and see more possibilities. All the restaurants in the famous ancient Dian city are self-operated, and the hotel is also a self-operated system. The enterprise can be very stable and does not need more external intervention and adjustment.

WARC: From the perspective of the general environment, "de-globalization" is rampant, which will lead to more and more competition in China's domestic industry. How do you see this possible involution in the next 1-2 years?

Dong Chengmin: I think it is a double-edged sword to get more and more involved. We can embrace introversion, because we still have the confidence to grasp our differentiation as a whole.

When everyone is getting more and more involved, if an enterprise in the upper reaches of the competition has opportunities, then it must have some differentiation itself. As a cultural tourism project, Colorful Yunnan has been established for so many years, and its foundation is relatively stable. In addition, from the beginning to the end, we do projects based on the starting point of operation, not the logic of sales or real estate.

While embracing involution, lying down is actually an option. Appropriately appeal to everyone to come to ancient Dian to lie down, and you will find that there is actually another life here, another way of getting along with the world. In 2018, when Colorful Yunnan made its first voice to the whole country, it invited many Yunnan people with life charm. They lived in Yunnan or came from Yunnan, and returned to Yunnan. For example, Sun Mian, the founder of "New Weekly", has promoted Yunnan and Dali a lot; Mr. Luo Xu was born in Yunnan and is a design genius. Gathering these teachers together, our first call to the outside world is another way for Yunnan to get along with the world.

I think we also deal with introversion more gently, and don't need to be too anxious, because our temperament is like this.

WARC: Yunnan’s cultural and tourism industry itself has received a lot of policy support, and there are many local intangible cultural heritage projects and other unique tourism advantages. This happens to cater to the current wave of Chinese people’s national trend and national confidence. How to further make good use of "time and place"?

Dong Chengmin: Appreciating and taking advantage of the situation is indeed our long-standing subject. The first reaction of many people to the matter of doing cultural tourism in Yunnan is that God rewards food, which is too advantageous. But only after experiencing it will we know that whether it is support or dividends, it is actually very difficult to grasp, and more importantly, we must always do these things without forgetting our original intention.

Whether we are talking about Yunnan's pleasant climate and livable environment, or the lifestyle and attitudes that can infect people, or the spirit of relaxation, freedom, and frankness in Yunnan, these things are all opened up through us step by step. More people come to know and be interested, and then inspire them to come here to see.

There is no shortcut to this link, we can only repeat it, change the method, change the group of people, what the audience yearns for is consistent with what we pass on to them. Are there really policies or other particularly big advantages? No really, no shortcuts. So every step of the enterprise is still not easy.

In this process, you can feel the "momentum", but it depends on how you persevere until the end. How to use the "momentum" is the subject we need to learn. Because of the differentiation and particularity of our projects, many excellent cases we have seen cannot be copied or learned, because each company has different origins and attributes.

WARC: In recent years, the digital transformation of the cultural and tourism industry has also accelerated. How did the colorful Yunnan Ancient Dian City do it?

Dong Chengmin: It may be that we are moving slowly, because compared with big cities in Yunnan, it is like someone saying that even the epidemic will go a step slower. The speed of digital transformation in other industries is gradually accelerating, but we haven’t touched this area in particular. In the entire Colorful Yunnan Ancient Dian city, we have not been particularly ahead of the field, whether it is VR or the use of big data and new technologies. Well, it's not that deep. However, we will take the initiative to embrace the possibility of some collisions and update our own methods. In the exploration of the excavation and operation mode of the Ancient Dian Museum in 2023~2024, we may combine the application of some new media technology and digital application. Make the scene keep pace with the times.

WARC: We have seen colorful Yunnan and the famous city of ancient Dian appear in variety shows in recent years, including "Everyday Upward", "Youth Travel Notes" and so on. In the past two years, many digital cultural tourism projects will combine Internet platforms or top variety show IPs to make some linkages. What is the thinking of Colorful Yunnan Ancient Dian City in this regard?

Dong Chengmin: This is quite wonderful. Our cooperation does not originate from commercial goals. For example, the cooperation of "Everyday Upward" is because Teacher Yang Liping is our very good friend, she is from Yunnan, and she is also the spokesperson of the colorful Yunnan jadeite jewelry under our group. With the help of such a brand, she felt that "Everyday Upward" was going to record a program, and the colorful Yunnan Ancient Dian City could satisfy all the imagination and needs of the audience. It's not just a coincidence that we want to be on "Everyday Upward" and then find their team this year. When cooperating with Dragon TV's variety show "Life Addition and Subtraction", Liu Genghong on the show was not as popular as the later "Liu Genghong Girl". 100 days of physical health changes. When he recorded the program here, it just happened to catch up with our Gudian family banquet.

The picture is provided by Colorful Yunnan Ancient Dian Famous City

After we came into contact with these opportunities, we really felt the dividends of some traffic, which helped us quickly open the possible links of the Yunnan border cultural tourism project operated by our local company, and quickly opened up the opportunity for everyone to see us. So we consciously feel that if there is a project that is willing to bring us out well, we are also willing to serve his needs and do some replacement and cooperation, but we don’t have to invest a lot of money for exposure and fame, but are just like-minded. get through.

Including some of our big node projects every year, the celebrities we cooperate with are not necessarily popular and well-known. In the selection of resources, we do not exclude star variety shows and star projects, but there are certain trade-offs. The celebrity must be a perfect fit for our project. Traffic may not be an absolute good thing. Maybe some celebrities can bring more exposure to the project, but it stops there. It will not bring more possibilities for co-creation. We still hope that we can work together to do one thing.

WARC: Will there be a risk assessment for the selection of online KOL and KOC?

Dong Chengmin: We are open-minded and willing to try new things. We do not reject people from various fields, but we still have to adapt to local conditions and individual conditions, depending on the degree of matching. In terms of risk, we are based on the principle of seeking stability, because the tonality of enterprises is relatively stable. Our core purpose is not to attract attention, but to output correct and stable content. The selected KOLs and KOCs can be very active. We have also invited very cutting-edge and innovative artists before to make very cutting-edge works and fun activities. The two parties must be highly matched under the needs of the scene, and finally meet our expectations. As for the risk, it is actually the values brought by KOLs and KOCs and the stability of the output content. We prefer to cooperate with more stable people.

WARC: There are uninterrupted event marketing throughout the year in Colorful Yunnan Ancient Dian City, so how to coordinate so many events and IP marketing so that consumers can feel the consistency of the brand?

Dong Chengmin: Returning to our underlying logic, the core of the project is always driven by culture. We just want to provide consumers with life solutions that are "new every day". This is also our brand proposition. No matter how many events we hold, we must bring a happy life and enjoyment to our customers.

"Every day is new like every day" comes from the "Bible", which makes us feel very suitable. When doing research in 2017, we believed that the brand proposition must be consistent, and we don’t want to change it again and again. To consolidate this proposition and enrich the lives of customers, we will continue to use different forms and carriers, and fun things and scenes, to have a two-way chemical reaction with customers and inspire customers to have another love for life. Among our clients, some retirees really discovered another side of themselves after they became owners in the famous ancient Dian city. They became friends with strangers here. Open yourself up.