Brands looking to compensate for a loss of reach through traditional broadcast TV are turning to digital platforms; but they need to be wary of the quality and cost of that incremental reach, as the experience of Direct Line Group shows.

What happened

  • The insurer relaunched its Churchill brand, adding cinema, social media and audio streaming to its previous TV and radio media plan in order to deliver additional reach with younger audiences.
  • But after assessing factors such as viewability, view-through rates and consumer attention, Direct Line Group achieved less than 0.1% of the desired incremental reach across Facebook, Spotify and Twitter.
  • And the costs of that incremental reach were up to 14 times more expensive than using TV.


 “[Social media] plays its part, but it’s not a TV-like channel, and shouldn’t be used like TV. It’s more like OOH” – Karl Ward, Marketing Effectiveness Manager, Direct Line Group.

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Sourced from WARC