Middle-aged, middle-class Singaporeans tend not to attract the attention of marketers, but they could usefully cultivate fruitful connections with this segment which is both interesting and interested, says strategist Amanda Lim. 


  • Just two of the 20 campaigns shortlisted for the Singapore Effie 2019 awards were targeted at Middle Singapore; 70% were clearly targeted at the wealthy and/or young Singaporeans. 

  • Middle Singapore’ has, quite unfairly, been equated with Singaporean stereotypes, says Lim.
  • Qualitative research indicates they are actually a diverse cohort with secret rebels, devoted hobbyists and panda parents amongst them.


Middle Singaporeans are far from being the ‘status quo’. They have motivations, interests and values that are surprising, particular and not just the halfway point between the rich and poor, boomers and millennials.

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Sourced from WARC