With a livestream in which participants could control an arcade-style ‘claw’ to claim prizes delivered that same day, recent Twitch activity from White Claw, the US’s #1 hard seltzer brand, points a way to the future of live events.

Why it matters:

Hard seltzer? Check. Twitch? Check. Gamification? Check. E-commerce? Check. Local delivery strategy? Check. Collapsing branding and sales opportunities? Check. The brand’s latest effort points as much to the opportunities as the challenges of post-pandemic marketing.

The White Claw Winter Games, which took place in three events between the 21st and 23rd of December in Philadelphia, Boston, and Miami, saw participants enter, win prizes, and to have them delivered within 30 minutes by partners goPuff.


  • According to the brand, the activation was a very new but important way to reach the “huge overlap between our customers and Twitch’s core audience,” said John Shea, CMO at Mark Anthony Brands, White Claw’s owner. It’s a large and growing audience.
  • It marks a handful of leaps forward for the CPG category, which has seen e-commerce penetration soar during the pandemic. On-demand delivery is likely to be increasingly important.
  • A crucial challenge has been to create and capture demand, which Twitch as an advertising platform is very good at: many users are ready to interact and even to purchase.

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Sourced from Modern Retail