Fear of going out, more local living, increasingly digitally connected lives and a new focus on data privacy provide the context marketers will be working in during 2021 – and all this in a polarised society, adds the annual Carat Trends report.

What can we expect? 

Carat also identifies a number of shorter term patterns and innovations that will have an impact on the media landscape and teases out some implications for the future of the industry.

  • Fear of going out intersects with a growth in augmented reality to enable contactless experiences and shopping. 
  • Thriving suburbs and hollowed out town centres (the “donut” problem) crossed with a move to paid content opens up potentially lucrative local niches.
  • Concerns about privacy meet screen-free media in incognito voice search – such as Google has enabled via a guest mode for its voice assistant.

Final thought 

For brands, the volatile times mean a greater need for emotional intelligence; listening and understanding how their consumers feel and helping people navigate the new world through their products, services and actions.

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Sourced from Carat