With close to a third of the world’s population on WhatsApp, brands can’t ignore the messaging platform as a potential channel and the company is actively seeking a closer relationship with businesses.

What’s happening?

  • Many consumers prefer to message a business when they need help and are more likely to purchase from a business when this option is available. 
  • COVID has accelerated product development: WhatsApp plans to expand in-app shopping options for consumers to shop and buy right from chat conversations. 
  • There are also plans to roll out tools for businesses to manage interactions with customers, and enable integration of shopping features into their current commerce solutions.

Key quote

“Intimacy and connection is not just between people, but something that can be felt with a business. We are looking to create that sense of connectedness with the product experience” – Eshan Ponnadurai, global head of brand and consumer marketing at WhatsApp. 

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Sourced from WARC