A new analysis of WARC’s database outlines the returns on investment (ROI) marketers can expect from successful advertising campaigns. 

The ROI Benchmark Report is based on WARC case studies from around the world since the year 2000 which include ROI (profit or revenue) data. Other forms of return, including ratios based on earned media, are not included.

Median profit and revenue ROI

  • Across the WARC database, the median profit ROI is 2.26:1 (every dollar invested brings an additional $2.26 of net profit having excluded the cost of the campaign in the calculation).
  • Median revenue ROI among successful advertisers is 3.99:1 (and this varies widely between different sectors).

Short-term v long-term

ROI figures in the WARC database are mostly calculated within a one-year timeframe, but available evidence strongly suggests the long-term impact of advertising is approximately twice the short-term impact.

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Sourced from WARC