Growing brands need to understand that TV advertising is not necessarily as expensive as they believe, but to get the full benefit they will need to adapt current online video techniques and invest in marketing performance analytics, says strategist Tom Roach.


The entry-level cost of producing a TV asset that gives at least a year’s worth of use can be less than the individual costs for a year’s worth of videos.

What needs to be done differently? 

  • Online ads that explain a customer issue followed by an extended product demo are not the sort of emotionally engaging ads that work best on TV.
  • There tends to be a lack of creativity, as initial ads by new-to-TV advertisers often resemble Facebook ads in their use of things like music and text. 
  • TV spend can appear inefficient if its full effects aren’t factored in – that requires data, marketing analytics partners and some patience. 


A decade ago, marketers were being advised to not simply put their TV ads on social; now the reverse holds true.

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Sourced from WARC