Campaigns for UNIQLO in China, Fox Cricket in Australia, Pantene in Israel, Knorr in Hong Kong and Toyota in the United Kingdom are among the 18 shortlisted papers in the Effective Use of Tech category of the WARC Media Awards 2019.

The WARC Media Awards scheme recognises communications planning which has made a positive impact on business results and examines the insight, strategy and analytics that power effective media investment.

The Effective Use of Tech category looks for the best communications that have effectively used or combined emerging platforms or technology in the media mix, contributing to the overall business success of the broader campaign.

The judging process is currently ongoing with an international panel of media planning experts, chaired by Isabel Massey, Global Media Director, Marketing, Diageo, taking part.

The shortlist is made up of a wide variety of sectors, including automotive, clothing and accessories, food, and toiletries and cosmetics. The Asia-Pacific region leads with 14 shortlisted papers, followed by EMEA with four.

A full list of the shortlisted papers can be seen on the Awards website.

The WARC Media Awards are a comprehensive set of awards covering four categories, including Best Use of Data, Effective Channel Integration and Effective Use of Tech; the shortlist for the final category, Effective Use of Partnerships & Sponsorships, will be announced next week.

The top winning papers will be decided in the new year and will share a total prize fund of $40,000.

Sourced from WARC