SYDNEY/ADELAIDE: Ads viewed on mobile devices by users of Facebook, YouTube and Broadcaster Video-On-Demand (BVOD) all generate a positive sales impact for brands, according to new research.

But the sales impact of BVOD on mobile devices is 33% higher than Facebook and 17.5% higher than YouTube, while the sales impact of TV outperforms both Facebook and YouTube irrespective of screen.

These are some of the headline findings from a new study conducted by Karen Nelson-Field, Professor of Media Innovation at the University of Adelaide, on behalf of research firm ThinkTV.

They form part of Professor Nelson-Field’s ongoing Benchmark Series, which used artificial intelligence and eye-tracking technology to compare the sales impact and attention generated by video ads on more than 2,580 Australian consumers.

In addition to establishing that sales impact is higher on BVOD than Facebook and YouTube, the research found that BVOD wins on attention too.

Nelson-Field scored these platforms out of 100 based on the results of eye-tracking technology and she revealed that, as an aggregate of these measures, BVOD scored 63 points out of 100. That was nine points higher than Facebook (54) and 19 points higher than YouTube (44).

The research also suggested that screen coverage was highly correlated to attention and sales. Television, for example, at 100% screen coverage, provided almost four times more screen coverage than Facebook and three times more than YouTube.

“Now with mobile devices increasing in importance for video viewing, we can see that all platforms benefit from the lean-in viewing experience,” said Nelson-Field. “Of course, as we predicted, those with better inherent ad visibility still benefit more.”

Also commenting on the findings, Steve Weaver, Director of Research, Insights and Education at ThinkTV, said: “There are two key lessons from the latest round of findings. The first is that mobile generates good sales impact for all platform providers, which is great for the whole industry.

“But secondly, TV broadcaster online video inventory has come out tops, providing very clear direction for the ad industry of the effectiveness of broadcaster content on mobile as a more effective alternative to Facebook and YouTube and as the perfect partner to the unbeatable reach speeds of TV on the big screen.”

Sourced from ThinkTV; additional content by WARC staff