No matter their political affiliation, US voters voted for the same thing: stability over disruption, whether that was a continuation of the Trump Administration or a return to governing norms. Either way, looking at what US consumers have in common creates a path for brands.

Why it matters

Consumers’ desire for protection from disruption gives brands the opportunity to help safeguard lifestyles and wellbeing.


  • Consumers’ urgent call for stability is evident in how voting defied many demographic boundaries; increasingly, people align around values-based affiliation, so demographics aren’t as important in determining aspirations.
  • Politics isn’t the only arena where voters want to avoid disruption; it’s also about issues like the pandemic and climate change.
  • Voters do not want companies to be detached, but how that should be expressed differs; Trump supporters were motivated by economic concerns, while Biden supporters want companies to take progressive stands.

The big idea

The 21st century has seen disruptions become the new normal. From 9/11 to the pandemic, disruption is challenging conventional extrapolation-based planning systems.

The first in WARC’s new Spotlight US series focuses on "Marketing in a polarized nation", looking at the path forward for brands at a time when the American populace is deeply divided, featuring insights from leading US marketing experts.

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