All In is a new campaign that aims to build a more inclusive advertising sector in the UK and one of its first actions will be to undertake an industry-wide census to establish a benchmark for progress.

The details 

The initiative comes from The Inclusion Group, formed in April 2020 by the Advertising Association, ISBA and the IPA. 

  • The census will take place on March 10, 2021, with all UK advertising and marketing services professionals invited to complete the survey (which will be completely confidential and aggregated).
  • The results will inform an Action Plan to be launched at an industry summit this summer, addressing how greater inclusivity across all areas of the industry’s talent will be achieved.

Key quote 

“We cannot expect our agencies and partners to take this action if we don’t do the same ourselves, so at GSK, we’re all in – we will be asking our marketing team to take part on March 10. I hope all those in leadership positions across our industry, at brands, agencies, media owners and tech companies, do the same” – Jerry Daykin, Senior Media Director, EMEA, GSK.

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Sourced from Advertising Association