Uber Connect, an on-demand package delivery service, went from idea to launch in a matter of weeks as the brand responded decisively to the signals it saw in the market. Here’s how.

The context 

Demand for Uber’s ride-hailing plummeted during pandemic but it saw people hacking the service to send parcels and other items. 

The response 

  • Uber employs a series of user experience and market research teams tasked with looking inward as much as outward and whose insights are always on tap.
  • Experimentation is always taking place but never without the knowledge of an unmet need or a shard of consumer insight operating as a hypothesis. 
  • It was able to accelerate the usual rounds of testing and experimentation since its marketing and product teams already worked closely together.


Having faith in the marketing organisation as a vantage point on the market, rather than a promoting afterthought, helps to de-risk new ideas.

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