Amazon-owned streaming service, Twitch, is testing a new kind of ad called Multiplayer Ads, in which a creator can choose the ad and play it to all viewers simultaneously rather than individual ads chosen algorithmically.

Why it matters: Though the format is currently in beta, its list of features is promising for creators who will be able to tailor the advertising on their videos and receive an extra payment if viewers complete a poll. For brands, they promise greater engagement.

Such a format would bring a new dimension to Twitch’s advertising which has played a digital ad role, as a finely targeted format for people further down the proverbial purchase funnel and which increases the effectiveness of broad-reach fame-building advertising. Capitalising on the shared experience helps to build fame, bringing Twitch’s ad offer more uses.

Image: Twitch

While Twitch has seen enormous growth over the course of 2020, it hasn’t fully settled on a favoured advertising medium. Like other platform companies that cater to both a creator and consumer, it has needed to experiment with a way to bring more benefit to the creators that fuel its content, and who need to be kept sweet.

“As part of that shared experience, afterwards, these viewers will be able to vote in a real-time, interactive poll. For each vote in the poll, Twitch will reward Bits to the creator and there will be a special channel celebration.”

“We highly encourage voting - each vote in the poll rewards Bits to the creator. These rewarded Bits come from Twitch, not viewers!”

Sourced from Twitch, WARC