Even though the range of services and devices for watching TV has proliferated in recent years, broadcast networks and advertisers should be aware that most viewers don’t care about the technology provided they get to watch what they want.

About three-quarters (74%) of global TV viewers, rising to 76% of Australians, feel this way, leading a senior executive at ViacomCBS to advise that viewers think of TV as content rather than the number and proliferation of the tools to access it.

That is according to Christian Kurz, SVP of global insights at ViacomCBS, who spoke to AdNews as he prepared to present research findings at last week’s Future of TV Advertising Forum in Sydney.

The study, called Today’s TV, polled 10,000 consumers in ten countries – Argentina, Australia, Germany, Hungary, Mexico, Poland, Spain, Thailand, the UK and US – and concluded that viewers love TV, but want a simpler experience.

“[The research] has demonstrated how TV (defined as TV shows and movies) fulfils three primary needs: it indulges viewers, it brings the family together, and it opens our minds by raising the visibility of previously untold stories,” Kurz said.

Australian audiences appear especially strongly attached to their TV with 84% regarding TV as part of their daily lives compared to the global average of 69%.

Some 83% of Australians say TV is an important source of entertainment (versus 70% globally), another 83% are excited by the options to watch (versus 77% globally), while 88% find TV to be a source of comfort (versus 66% globally).

However, 79% of Australians wish it was easier to find TV shows and movies, while 85% say they would like to access all their TV content through just one service.

“Searching for content is time-consuming and frustrating – especially on VOD services. Viewers yearn for simplicity, with 80% saying they wish they were able to access all their TV content through one service and 77% wishing it were easier to find the TV shows and movies they love,” said Kurz, who cited the global figures.

“In short, people love TV as much as ever, but with so much great content it’s stressful to decide what to watch,” he added. “To improve their viewing experience, give them the ease and seamlessness they crave. This applies to advertising as much as programming.”

Sourced from AdNews; additional content by WARC staff