BEST OF 2017: While there was, perhaps inevitably, a technology bias in the most-read trends-related articles on WARC in 2017, non-tech factors were also shifting the behaviours of both brands and consumers.

In top place was Carat’s top ten trends for 2017, Dan Calladine’s start-of-the-year look at the trends and technologies set to become more important and relevant to marketers in the year ahead; for 2017 he highlighted live video, VR and AR, web TV and chatbots. His 2018 trends will be published tomorrow.

In second place was The future 100: Trends and change to watch in 2017. This annual report from J Walter Thompson Intelligence observed that brands are starting to see themselves as “experience facilitators” while consumers increasingly look to brands to stand up for certain values.

Chapters from WARC’s Toolkit 2017 report took the next two places. In third was Content in 2017: How video is transforming social marketing, which looked at how the proliferation of video is transforming social media marketing by turning social platforms into broadcast media.

Fourth was E-commerce in 2017: How brands are going direct-to-consumer, which outlined how apps, buy buttons and subscription services are bypassing traditional retail middlemen.

Finally, a report from the annual CES event in Las Vegas, drew attention to the growing traction of voice-activated assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and predicted that wearables will fulfil more niche purposes.

Sourced from WARC