Research and insights agency Kantar has partnered with Google to create an ad-effectiveness measurement solution for YouTube.

Why it matters

As Google and Apple phase out third-party tracking cookies over the next 18 months, marketers need new ways to measure the effectiveness of ads. Crucially, says Kantar, the “measurement partnership” will provide customised analysis of YouTube campaigns while still protecting privacy.

The context

  • Part of Kantar’s Project Moonshot, the new arrangement uses aggregated insights from Google ad platforms to understand how advertising is performing across screens.

  • The partnership will allow advertisers to independently measure ad campaign performance on YouTube across all devices and platforms, using Kantar’s Brand Lift Insights, an ad effectiveness measurement tool, with a database of over 25,000 digital campaigns.

  • Google’s Ads Data Hub allows advertisers to understand how their advertising is performing across screens, including mobile apps, through aggregated insights from Google ad platforms, including YouTube, Google Ads and Display & Video 360. 

Key takeaway

Some 64% of publishers are worried about the effects of a cookie-less world, says Kantar, adding that its research shows 65% of advertisers plan to grow their online video ad spend this year – making ad-effectiveness measurements more important than ever.

Sourced from Kantar