SINGAPORE: Going mobile-first, getting the right video length, and audience targeting are key for B2B video engagement in Asia-Pacific, according to professional networking platform LinkedIn.

In a LinkedIn study, 74% of B2B marketers in Asia-Pacific countries viewed video as one of the most important ways to reach and engage professionals. But in a recent LinkedIn webinar, Alyce Erikson, APAC program operations manager of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, warned marketers against using video just because it’s trendy.

B2B video content needs to have strategy and metrics behind it to deliver return on investment, she advised. (For more practical tips on creating effective B2B videos, read WARC’s report: Getting B2B video content right: Advice from LinkedIn.)

“It is important to understand where video fits between overall marketing objectives…Throwing money at it isn’t necessarily the smartest thing to do if you haven’t thought about that wider strategy,” she said.

Starting with the needs of the audience is paramount. Erikson recommended taking the seniority level of the target audience into account: who would they deem trustworthy as experts to present the video, or be interviewed for it. Mobile-first content that is long enough to get the message across – but not long enough to bore them – should be a top priority.

“This is about creating content that not only looks good on a mobile, but is also built for a mobile mindset,” said Erikson.

“Think about, ‘Is my content viewable on a mobile screen? Is it something that I can engage in whilst I go on my morning commute? Or is it something that I will need to sit down and take time to process?’” she said.

“APAC saw a sweet spot between 30 seconds and two minutes,” she added, “but it doesn’t mean you need to stay put in that frame.

“Even though shorter videos do get better completion rates, it doesn’t really matter how long you go for, as long as you are telling the right story.”

Sourced from WARC