Media channels are evolving in a variety of different ways, driven by technical developments, growing amounts of data and increased sophistication in identifying audiences – all reasons for WARC to introduce a new site experience dedicated to helping media owners.

WARC for Media Owners, which launches today, offers a channel-focused view of what’s working, backed by a robust collection of best practices, benchmarks and case studies on marketing effectiveness.

Media insights professionals may find it useful as research undertaken in Q4 last year for WARC’s Marketer’s Toolkit 2019 indicates little correlation between channel effectiveness and planned net investment by brands. Online video is an exception, as it shows clear effectiveness, and also the biggest net increase in budget. (Read more in Key trends for media owners in 2019.)

Vendors including CNN, Facebook and Global are using data, technology and audience measurement to ensure clients make better use of their respective media channels and inventory.

“We are seeing a greater involvement by the brand owners in media campaigns versus relying only on agencies,” Corinna Keller, VP for the Americas, CNN International Commercial, tells WARC. At the same time, she's also seen “greater conversation around media campaigns being driven by content creation and audience targeting”.

Facebook, meanwhile, has observed the rapid growth of messaging to the point where, says Ian Edwards, Communications Planning Director, Northern Europe, “it should now be viewed as a new medium … [and] needs to form a strategic part of the business and not be used tactically”.

Voice and audio are also developing fast. Smart speakers “are putting audio back into the centre of the household,” believes Ollie Deane, Director of Commercial Digital, Global. He expects advertisers to begin doing more sophisticated things with these devices in the coming year. At the same time, he’s noted “much improved data sets going into audio ad targeting”.

Global has also expanded its consumer product offering with the recently launched Global Player, which Deane described as “like a Netflix for audio content”.

Sourced from WARC