Brands are being urged to re-consider the ‘A.R.T.’ of planning, and recalibrate media strategies to acknowledge the importance of ‘attention, relevance and trust’ to advertising effectiveness.

Why it matters

Marketers operating in the pandemic are under pressure to deliver short-term outcomes while continuing to feather the brand nest for future success. Research by Magnetic, the UK trade body for magazine media, and Kantar shows that advertising in quality media environments can help them to straddle this divide.

What should planners be doing differently?

  1. Attention: Brands should plan for attention. New tools from the likes of Lumen and Amplified Intelligence will increasingly make this possible.
  2. Relevance: Advertisers can use targeted media channels and opportunities for short-term objectives, but equally ensure they resonate on an emotional level and deliver long-term brand value.
  3. Trust: Authenticity and trust are paramount, as trusted environments ensure credibility for brands. The study found that ads on TV are most likely to be considered trustworthy, followed by magazines.

Key quote

“Maintaining cultural relevance, being relatable, authentic, and taking the time to truly understand an audience’s beliefs and values has never been more important for brands than it is now.” – Anna Sampson, Strategy and Insight Director, Magnetic

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Sourced from WARC