Australia’s subscription video on demand (SVOD) market reached 10.2 million paying users this year, new figures show.

The number, which amounts to more than 50% of the adult population, was reached in April, data from AMPD Research shows.

This highlighted how Netflix alone captures 5.3 million subscribers, or one in four of the population. A further one in five people subscribe to a sports service.

Researchers examined SVOD viewers and account holders paying for streaming services that permit several users per account, quizzing 2,100 respondents aged 15 years-plus.

On average, an Australian household pays A$35.30 a month for SVOD services. The average viewer watches almost 10 hours of TV series and movies a week, researchers found. With sports viewing on top, AMPD researchers estimate an average total viewing time of over 12 hours a week for subscription content per person.

After Netflix, the most popular service is Stan, with almost 1.4 million subscribers. YouTube Premium takes third place with just over one million subscribers.

“Our latest survey confirms that Australian consumers have embraced subscription streaming services at a pace that is unmatched in any other major developed economy we have examined,” said Anthony Dobson, managing director of AMPD Research.

“We are seeing impressive adoption rates across demographics, with 52% of the under 45s paying for video streaming services, while take-up among those over 45 is around 48%. That underscores how paying for streaming video is becoming mainstream behaviour in Australia,” he added.

Researchers also looked at customer satisfaction rates and found Australians were generally positive about SVOD, with a positive NPS of 15, although this was “lifted substantially” by Netflix, Dobson noted.

The vast majority of subscribers (75%) said they would like platforms to carry more locally produced content, plus more from the US and UK – 58% of SVOD subscribers said they’d like more from each country. Those aged under 45, however, were more inclined to favour US content; those aged 45-plus wanted more from the UK.

Younger viewers said they’d also like to see more comedy, while older ones preferred more action and adventure.

Those surveyed did not name two core content categories, sports and kids, as those they’d like to see more of, suggesting, said researchers, general satisfaction with the level of content.

Sourced from AMPD Research; additional content by WARC staff