Sustainability is effectively becoming table stakes for any new brand, according to the CEO and founder of Farfetch, who has been addressing related issues at the online luxury marketplace.  

What Farfetch is doing 

  • Carbon-neutral shipping and return, with the brand taking responsibility for offsetting emissions, reassures consumers on that particular concern.
  • It is building in circularity, selling pre-owned products as well as in-season items and enabling easy donation to charities. 
  • Sales through its Positively Conscious initiative, which enables shoppers to buy brands according to ethical and environmental criteria, are growing faster than the overall Farfetch marketplace (which grew by 60% in the third quarter).

Key quote

“Sustainability has to be part of your business plan, and how you activate and design your business from day one” – José Neves, founder and CEO of Farfetch.

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Sourced from WARC