The sustainability conversation reached a new level of maturity this year, with brands and agencies looking at the emissions of their operations, their media choices, the pitfalls of greenwashing.

WARC has covered the topic in serious depth, with the launch earlier in the year of a Sustainability Hub to help guide readers to the critical research, insights, and case studies in the space. Despite the threat of inflation, the environment remains a key concern – however, making sustainability a differentiator to justify a price premium is becoming more problematic.

Media matters increasingly to the sustainability conversation, with digital media’s carbon output key area of conversation. But the industry’s view has grown wider, as marketers have started to look seriously at how they can deploy aspects of nudge theory and psychology to help guide more sustainable choices from customers throughout the supply chain.

For agencies, meanwhile, the sustainability conversation is becoming the “most important brief of our lives,” in the words of the Conscious Advertising Network’s  Jake Dubbins and Harriet Kingaby wrote.

Check out our wide-ranging webinar on how the marketing industry can respond to the climate emergency, for viewing on the subject. Or, for some listening, check out the WARC Talks podcast on tackling sustainability.