With life lived at home more than ever, e-commerce penetration accelerated around the world in a shift that most marketers believe will be permanent.

With shops around the world closed or limited, and many people restricted to their homes, our lives and purchases moved online, as chronicled in the WARC Guide to e-commerce, which outlined the implications for effectiveness in the new world.

The added effect of this new world was that people began spending much more time on digital devices. While not entirely new, making sure advertising worked in a more digitally intense context, and being able to measure that was the subject of a Guide to planning for attention.

Greater digital intensity and the new pandemic context meant that some marketers began to look to China for a sign of where the world was going. An early trend snapshot into livestream commerce explored how many consumers treat shoppable livestreams as an anxiety reliever in tense times. Investment from big American companies including Amazon and Facebook suggest that this will likely become more common around the world.

Finally, if there was one tech company that stormed into the popular consciousness, infecting teenager’s smartphones and causing headaches throughout the marketing world, it was TikTok.

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Sourced from WARC