Backslash, the cultural intelligence unit of TBWA\Worldwide, has released its 2021 Edges report, outlining 40 meaningful cultural shifts that have the scale and longevity to propel a brand toward a greater share of the future.

Why it matters

To find a pathway to growth in today’s world, it has never been more important to spend time observing and disentangling the macro cultural shifts taking place across the globe that will undoubtedly have implications – but also provide unique opportunities – for business, industry, and society, as the report, which subscribers can read here, shows.

Six shifts pertinent to recent worldwide news

  • Body debates: Decisions related to whether or not to get a vaccination, go vegan, wear a face mask, and have children are no longer private and personal. They’re at the centre of heated public disputes related to freedom of choice vs. societal responsibility.
  • Roots revival: Consumer preferences are shifting, and the push to 'buy local; is just the beginning.
  • Unglossed: Society is turning its back on impossible standards around one-note beauty, buttoned-up professionalism, and picture-perfect lifestyles and is ushering in a new, unapologetic attitude. Aspiring to perfection is outdated.
  • Stability pursuit: As the transition to the 'next' accelerates into a blur and the allure of start-up culture fades, businesses will begin placing a new emphasis on stability.
  • Counter Cancel: The Counter Cancel movement will favour healthy, nuanced debate over public shaming, ultimately leading to a more productive movement.
  • Health hedonism: Health and wellness are converging. Every brand is now in the business of making us well.

Sourced from Backslash