Marketers in Asia-Pacific are highly focused on achieving short-term goals, even though the vast majority believe a longer-term view would be better for their brands’ success, new research from Kantar shows.

The Getting Media Right study, now in its fifth year, found that 43% of marketers in the region use ROI measurements that are primarily focused on quick sales results.

The figures contrast sharply with the fact that 81% of marketers said they really should be balancing the requirement to achieve sales targets now with the need to at the same time build brand equity for the longer term, Mumbrella reported.

Kantar, a WPP insights agency, also found that marketers in Asia Pacific are the least assured in the world about integrating data and extracting insights, with only around 10% satisfied they are equipped to do this well.

“It’s telling that APAC is the least confident region when it comes to integrating data, but with such a variety of channels and consumer behaviours it’s not surprising,” said Pablo Gomez, Kantar Insights Division APAC head of media.

“However, more can be done to shift optimisation earlier in the process so that marketers are on the front foot when it comes to measuring performance later.”

Other key findings of the study included:
  • 82% of marketers believe they have integrated marketing strategies, but their efforts are not translating fully to consumers.
  • 60% say gaps in their data prevent them from making more informed decisions.
  • 81% of marketers in Asia are confident that their organisation has the optimal media mix – the highest rate in the world.
  • 37% of marketers in the region say they have moved the media optimisation process to earlier in the campaign planning process – a higher proportion than a year ago, though still behind the 47% who say the same globally.
“The report is a clear indication that marketers are continuing to struggle with measuring and proving ROI, primarily due to their approach,” said Kantar global head of media Jane Ostler.

“Marketers should aim for the best of all worlds. They need to create a framework to monitor impact on business and brand metrics while harmonising measurement tools and insights to improve performance across all channels.”

Sourced from Kantar, Mumbrella; additional content by WARC staff